Catholics and Cons

With 30 million convicted felons and 60 million catholics in the usa, is there a new voting bloc in the near future?

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Most Important Issue Today is Christian Unity

The most important issue facing the western world and especially all English speaking Christians is Christian unity. Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI brought about drastic changes in The Church to facilitate the unity of all people, especially Christians. As history has been our teacher in the filed of education it has also been the teacher of the religious in The Church. The lack of Christian unity has been a horrid mistake and has caused much unnecessary suffering. We must unify now or pay a even greater price. Perhaps the destruction of the western world as we know it.

The leaders of the west should not be worried about bringing democracy to the middle east- democracy is not going to save them or us. What the leaders of the west should be doing is trying to bring about Christian unity. That all Christians should speak with one voice and that one voice is the voice of The Pope and The Catholic Church.. There can be no other. Followers of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I or Martin Luther have no basis for their belief- Martin Henry or Elizabeth cannot save them or us.